My name is Orest. I’m a computer scientist working in crypto.

  • Currently at Scroll. Scroll is building the native zkEVM (zero-knowledge-proof-based rollup with a natively Ethereum-equivalent VM) to scale the Ethereum blockchain.

  • Co-founded Cara Care. Cara empowers individuals suffering from chronic digestive diseases to live a better life.

  • Co-founded Knit. Knit’s app lets you tighten your organisation through video-based networking events.

  • Managing Dessert Ventures. Dessert Ventures provides freelance tech consulting and product development services.

I’m also into ski touring, horse-riding, motorcycling, and blues and balfolk dance.


Further Projects


  • Berlin Tech
  • CDTM


Pubkey, fingerprint: 9D30 2D94 35C5 5FB2 DE4C 33B8 F42D FC4D B196 6F25